Each day we face a different challenge. Our yoga practice is no different. The mat is where we focus, building the balance, flexibility and control to face any endeavor.  

move. breathe. 

The basics are simple but the beauty is in the details. For those who are ready to extend their practice toward new personal goals, or for those engaging yoga for the first time, Personal Guided Practice offers the opportunity to move and breath in rhythm with your own body. Through one-on-one instruction, I will guide you to develop your own personal practice, finding beauty in the details and purpose on the mat.

In my experience, we are our most balanced, flexible, and open selves when we practice in an environment that makes us feel comfortable. My intention is to create a space that is safe and enjoyable for you to explore and grow. In order to provide the most comfortable learning environment possible, I offer Personal Guided Practices at my yoga school, Hamsa.