Guidelines for Healthy Eating

So many of us have been trained to look at food as a collection of calories. From this place, we can create all kinds of self-imposed dietary misery that impacts our emotional world and locks us into a food prison of guilt and shame. Let’s break free and not only re-create a loving relationship with food, but also restore your health and vitality with these five basic principles.


+ Begin each meal with a moment of gratitude and take 3-5 slow breaths to prepare the body to receive and metabolize the nutrients you are about to give it.

+ Eat in a calm environment, rest and digest.

+ Chew your food well, there is no magic number here, but too many of us are accustomed to chomp-chomp swallow.

+ Eat at a moderate pace (chewing slowly and well helps!) until you are about 75% full. This sounds vague, but when you are 75% full you are somewhere in between satisfied and full. You should always eat enough to feel satisfied, but not so much that you feel sluggish and weighed down after eating.

+ Following your meal, let your food digest before going on to the next activity. Take a few deep breaths, read a book, take a light walk, enjoy the sunshine. Again, rest and digest!

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