my signature three month program

Three months is the perfect amount of time for you to set a goal for yourself, begin the work to attain the goal, mess up here and there, get yourself back on track, and ultimately achieve the goal.

I believe that working along side a practitioner during this process is essential. I will act as a source of inspiration, a sounding board, a mentor, a recipe index, and I will help you find ways to navigate through any tough moments that may have prevented you from achieving this goal in the past. Together we will take a close look at your habits, your strengths, and your pitfalls so that ultimately you always know how to bring yourself back to tuning-in.

The results: You begin feeling clear, energized, and confident in your body.

this program includes: 

- initial consultation
- 6 follow-up consultations 
- full nutritional and dietary assessment
- professional recommendation on supplements
- tailored nutrition plan
- tailored lifestyle plan
- wellness vision and weekly goal setting
- 20% off healing body therapies (for those located in San Antonio, TX)
- The Holistic Living Blueprint: a program manual and workbook
- support in between sessions via email 

your investment: $975 (payment plans available) 

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