about me

Like many women, I spent my teenage and college years struggling with body image. In fact, I struggled with an eating disorder from middle school into my early 20’s. No matter how many times I tried to break my habits of food restriction, I always fell back into the same routine. 


In college, I began to practice yoga. During this time, I was asked to quiet my mind, observe my body, and notice how I felt. It was hard at first, but I found myself coming back to the mat day after day. As I began to practice regularly, I learned to tune in. Tuning in helped me discover what was truly keeping me stuck in my destructive routine: the mean inner dialogue streaming through my mind.

So I decided to change it. By continuing to practice yoga, I was able to slowly chip away at my self-hatred and find the confidence, compassion, and self-acceptance underneath.  

As I accessed that confidence and self-acceptance over and over again, I found myself feeling something I’d never felt before: an appreciation for my body. 

For the first time, I was inspired to take care of myself completely, and in doing so I felt my energy increase, my focus improve, and my anxiety dissipate. 

From that moment forward, I knew I wanted to help others experience that same sense of relief. I went on to start a non-profit organization, Girls Empowerment Partners, to promote self-confidence and self-care in young girls. During that time my passion for both yoga and holistic nutrition began to grow. To complement the work I was doing with Girls Empowerment Partners, I began working for an eating disorder dietitian and started training to become a yoga teacher. 

Since then, I have attained a Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition, become a Registered Yoga Teacher (500 E-RYT), co-founded the Hamsa School of Yoga and Ayurveda, become a mother, and have gone back to school to study clinical mental health counseling.

Today, I’m on a mission to help people (like you!) feel at ease in their bodies by empowering them with a toolkit of nutrition education, healthy routines, and recipes that they’ll use for life.